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Sep 07, 2008


jo zinny

Hi Phil,

been reading yr comments at policynet. I post there these days and meet a 'your comment is being moderated' - effecting elimination. My only honest conclusion is that BS (et al) is supersensitive to my style of direct and deft facts. Then, of course, as BS says, policynet is not a democracy.. so producer takes all.

Anyway, if you can spare the time I'd welcome your visit to series of mine The Skinny on Banking - the latest episode "Curtains UP!!!" is now onsite. As a backgrounder working to most relevance to all participants and interested parties election 08 I'd say it was very useful in helping explain how and why policies are implemented. Gee, hope that isn't pompous!

C'mon by, take a look, let me know what you think.. Zin

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