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Jan 20, 2008



Taxpayer money is being used to fund people in the New Zealand blogging community

No it's not. As I understand it the Labour Party's money isn't even being used. I'm no tech expert but Lynn Prentice has put this silly episode to rest over at the thread on Kiwiblog.


Two things:

1) The standard is not paid for by public money.

2) My article is clearly not a justification of increased communication spend.

Perhaps you need to read it again.

By the way when you take two quotes and run them together you should connect them with an ellipsis in order to signal to your reader you have edited the original text.

For example, where you have written: "ministry). Y’see," you should have put "ministry)... Y’see," to signal you have removed (in this case over 100) words. But then again you don't seem to know anything about journalism, do you?

Adolf Fiinkensein

IrishBill, your words will come back to haunt you.

'1) The standard is not paid for by public money.'

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