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Aug 12, 2007



Steve Crow,
Candidate for Mayor of Auckland City is an abject liar and a fraudster who in 1988 - 89 supplied cheap computers under his import label of IPC to South Auckland schools and other customers, when they had a known fault and an expected service life of six months.
When the motherboards blew and the machines themselves failed, leaving the children without replacement equipment, Mr Crow, defaulted on his warranty obligations, skipped New Zealand to avoid prosecution, and only returned to NZ when the Statute of Limitation period had elapsed.
(You may recall, the Statute of Limitations was changed to 7 years, then reversed to 10 years then changed to now being 6 years only.

Mr Steve Crow used to be famous for driving around town in his shiny red Ferrari, and for making promises he did not keep, in this case Mr Crow, the hollow 'wish list' promises you have made in your election campaign, your trumpeting of small time Australian financiers who in the late 1980's and 1990's could not do sound business with credible firms, all makes you look squeaky clean, but in reality you are what you were!

Auckland may have its faults, and even the incumbant and past Mayor have theirs, but neither of them in all honesty could be called a liar and a fraudster, you can.

Leave Auckland alone.

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