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Aug 12, 2006



Two words sagenz: Frivolous Speculation.


we agree she is corrupt. so I would agree speculation of clark for UN is indeed frivolous speculation.

btw - thanks for being my only remaining reader


She has a snowflakes chance in hell of getting the job - unless you're living in some alternate reality (like those pushing this non-story).


I would say the chances are low. Bear in mind though that Annan is Ghanaian. Not exactly a centre of world politics. She is left & corrupt enough to be acceptable to the vast bulk of unelected autocracies. The question is whether she is acceptable to the Americans. Having sent troops to Afghanistan she is not completely offside with them.

Personally I think she will get to head up one of the ministries first. The Sec Gen talk is simply to raise for profile for something like that.


"btw - thanks for being my only remaining reader"

hey sage, It's too hard to get a word in edge-wise on kiwiblog, plus everyone there's a moron. If I'm going to engage right wingers in debate I prefer them to have a modicum of intelligence.

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