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Dec 02, 2005


Aaron Bhatnagar

It depends what the secretary was doing. If the secretary was doing admin work, none of the wages can be apportioned for election expenses. However, if the secretary was handing out leaflets or delivering letters, then yes, a portion of their wages can be said to be election expenses. If Clarkson retained a secretary for his campaign who spend 10% of their "working hours", ie, an hour a day, delivering pamphlets, then only that hour is an expense.

If the secretary delivered pamphlets on the weekend, none is applicable as an expense.

What is an election expense? That activity which directly advocates a vote for a candidate. So its hard to see how a secretary's role would be an expense.


yeah - it depends on how strict an attitude they take towards the employment of someone whose only responsibilities are the campaign

Aaron Bhatnagar

It is what they do for the campaign that is declarable, not the fact that they were employed at all. Answering phones is not a declarable expense, or is typing, or stacking boxes or the other office activities that secretaries do, but using a secretary to ring up voters and telling them to vote Clarkson would be an expense. Or at least, that portion of time that they spent ringing up would be an expense.

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