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Mar 20, 2005



If its this early then we're slightly screwed.

Nigel Kearney

Cold weather is a big disadvantage for Labour and the Greens because their people are soft and won't go out and campaign unless it's a nice day. Not only is July colder than September, but it means another cycle before the election can be returned to November.

Greg Stephens is my thoughts on an early election. I also think it is quite likely. The Maori Party decide things by hui, so they take time to organise (advantage: Labour), the budget as you mentioned (advantage: Labour), Working for Families is rolling out (advantage: Labour), the longer they wait the more chance of a 'son of Orewa' as well.

So it is likely...


Please to Kearney's comment - those who take the weather into account don't deserve to have the vote.

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