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Nov 15, 2004



come on Sagey....

"...and we are trying to wipe that out of them. It's not done yet and it may never be; they believe they are entited to power in this country and that the left is an alien interloper."

How many election victories for Labour will it take before National realises they might actually have to come back to the centre, and reengage with New Zealanders enough to win an election?

Two hasn't been. Three? Four? Five? More?


jordan you deserved that for deliberately misquoting the ACT letter. I will never accept that socialists have a entitlement to power in the New Zealand psyche. social democrats have clearly gained some sympathy but the wearers of false robes in power now are attempting far reaching and poorly understood change without the real mandate for it. My thoughts are helengrads power will stop at two and that will be it for some time. spin has fooled the electorate for long enough.


Except you have it wrong again. Where's the spin? We promise things, we deliver them. Unlike your crew who promised "the decent society" and were lying through their teeth....


like, uh well thats a hard one, let me see. WHAT THE FECK DID HELENGRAD HAVE TO DO WITH CREATING TODAYS BENIGN ECONOMIC CONDITIONS. Does it stop them trying to take credit. U Turn on Maori after Brash' Orewa speech. ffs.
I can see this deconstruction is deserving of a bit more work. It will be too easy. The fact I can pour more shit on that plonker Maharey will only make it nicer. You had better delete those comments you have made elsewhere about Labout taking credit even if it knows it has not been responsible.

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