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Sep 25, 2004



I know a guy who also tried to publish a newspaper and failed. He got into legal trouble over plagiarizing logos.

Interesting post - I hope the rest are this good!

Stephen Cooper

The Western notion of truth is itself flawed. Objective, independent truth is something different from fact. Truth is in fact Moral Belief, and interferes quite a lot with fact. People like Dubya have been at the forefront of stopping scientific, social and economic progress throughout history. There is little worth in believing in God, (though Nietzche disagrees if you are a weak minded fool. GW Bush "suffered the same effects as two severe head injuries" during his twenty year drinking binge. Then he found god..) and certainly none when you have views similiar to GW. Though he hides it, it is plain to the interested observer that GW does in fact believe he is in a holy war. He has not fired the General who was charged with hunting Osama down, who, while on leave, Made a speech to a religous society about the superiority of Christianity to other religions and world views. GW himself slipped up and put the war in Iraq in the context of a "crusade".

What GW has done is to end the universal appeal of freedom in America. Before, America DID stand to the world as an embodiment of the universal values of freedom and rule by consent. Now, the rhetoric being used by Bush does not reach that high level. It is a good old fashioned binary position for most people, with Orwellian News Speak from Bush seen as "America is the land of the free, and that entitles us to greater rights than you, our style of embodiment of our principles needs to become your embodiment, freedom when it disagrees with us isn't right".

GW has doen great damage to the American image.


Stephen, I pity you if you are trying to find anything of worth in the philosophy of Nietszche. It's nothing more than desparate bravado in the face of an unrelenting Fate. Calling religious people "weak minded fools" contributes nothing, merely highlights your prejudice. Read Solzhenitsyn: a defender of TRUTH against the PC lies of his totalitarian regime. And such a regime is exactly where NZ and other "liberal" countries are headed. To deny the existence of such a category as "truth" is a laughable oxymoron.

Perhaps Bush is doing something he believes in, and so do those who have laid down their lives. The War on Terror is a serious matter. Meek submission to fanatical psychopaths does not sit well with Americans. I applaud them (Americans, I mean!).

But followers of nihilists like Nietzsche cling to their hollow lives, the only cause they find worth fighting for are their exotic pleasures.

The LLL have done great damage to Western society.


GW has spoken and acted bluntly, transparently and with honesty. Confonted by a variety of situations he has made clear the principles behind his decisions and stuck to them. Not for him the artifice of a French whispering nice words in your ear as he stabs in the back.
Kyoto is an admirable theory but completely ineffectual use of resources.
Being so straightforward is what makes him sucjh an easy target.
America has been abused as a great misuser of power for decades. Bush is just the latest excuse for liberal guilt and self flagellation of the free world.

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