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Sep 18, 2004


Grey Shade

I sympathise with your experience but note that
(1) your confrontation was with a tenant not the Iwi
(2) you could do worse than contact the Iwi (politely) - particularly if you were on a public right of way
(3) experiences like yours are by no means restricted to Maori land

Neil Brewerton

just because you have always trespassed on this mountain ... does not give you ownership... i guess the owners are tired of being taken for granted by pakeha who try to steal words like "taonga" for their own purposes... this mountain was alway a maori place ... its not your call what they wish to do with it ...anymore than the local iwi would picnic on your front lawn ...grow up


The english ownership concept includes many public footpaths across private land that are inviolate. there is a very strong reason to allow that. elsewhere in teh world the mountain would have reverted to "the commons", and there would be no private ownership.

I have no time to pick up on this old post but will write again around christmas on the subject of commons and public footpaths. i live around windsor now and the system is brilliant. it would not just affect maori land but all those high country leases as well

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