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Sep 17, 2005


t selwyn

Ka pai. Easily the best post-election blog post I have read so far.

The individualisation of the Super scheme should be OK with the Maori Party too - retirement at 60 or 55 etc is highly compatible.
Winston could be chair of special select committee to go to Singapore etc. to figure out how to do it - would get him on the overseas nightclub circuit and out of everyone's hair for about a year - or two.

With Maori party support the centre-right can claim balance as you say and deflect the "racism" claims. But the relationship is going to have to be a lot closer than you envisage.

Only a few ommissions:
1. Immediate divies for Winston would be him holding his "golden age" card around after the first budget saying "I have delivered" to his core constituency - would be public, tangible and affordable given the surplus. John Key will just have to lump it.
2. Maori Party want a revision of the Foreshore and Seabed Act. In some form this must happen. If the party cannot deliver that then what is the point? This is crucial. It is a deal-maker or breaker. I am writing a position paper on that now and will post it once complete. Act agrees with Maori Party on this one too! Some Pakeha, like Brownlee, are just going to have to wear it.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. But I congratulate you on some work.

t selwyn

Oh - something else I have thought of (and stated elsewhere) is the king-hit for both Brash and Peters. And it plays to Brash's safety and Peters' vanity. I know this sounds ultra-far-fetched, but here goes:

Peters inside a coalition. Accord deal says that if any change in National Party leadership occurs during term the out-going PM is replaced by Peters as caretaker PM for a short period (1-3 months) before the new one takes over. This would give Brash a safeguard against being rolled before he wants - and would give Peters the ultimate career cap and swan song par exellence. (apart from Gov-Gen but let's not go there!) The Nats could say it was as the humbling guarantee of stability that an administration involving Peters ought to have and a good will gesture of unprecedented nature. And because any move to keep Peters out would be a reneg and trigger a snap election - which National would be punished for causing so they are likely to keep it.

So Brash loses nothing, Peters has every reason to play nice - quite apart from timing the super individualisation to occur in the last year of their term.

It's an outside, outside chance.

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